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  • Preview game SiSiHan Fighter Dash APK
  • Preview game SiSiHan Fighter Dash APK
  • Preview game SiSiHan Fighter Dash APK

SiSiHan Fighter Dash

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Games Description

Fighter fluff River * Power * five * Teufen Dash! (Sisihan Figher Ultra Open!) Gathered the weakest fighter in the world. Who will take the place of the strongest stands! Infinite combos and special moves in Super survive a prerequisite for speaking! Single-mode to defeat all alone! 3 people team up to defeat the all team battle mode! In particular, the six people at the same time on one stage fighting ★ dogfight was the highlight of this game can be. If you get next to a good friend let real quick! War and Bluetooth Enjoy! To strengthen the friendship of friends and the best games are right here! (※ Bluetooth War of friends and has the potential to lead to a real battle!) Zoom out real. You gyeongpa mobile best action games in front of the place is that? Now, do not worry, Take it! And enjoy! Be open to hidden characters! Case the ratio of user luck to you! Forward-type action mode, arcade mode once the incoming order ~! If you enjoy this game more than a certain amount of time after the sequel to come out to enjoy the benefits when you may have. - Character Profile - Ninja: Shadow of the formatting characters. To processing speed, the player will not even embarrassed! Represent the top: instead of fireball throwing feces feces Man! Make sure when you eat play! Billy: Double Dragon Billy Tokyo. However, the original name was renamed himself as Billy. Dingo Man: pulling the head hitting a character as bizarre attack. Surprisingly strong! The Robo: Robo wielding a huge iron ball again. Overwhelming shock attack! Soft top: soft, soft top! Are attracted to move resilient moment, you are already dead! Moai: Moai symbol of power. Lived on Easter Island boasts the power was out! Crashing a gem! Tonmaen skeletal: bone out of his skull, but the attack is very strong. Magyechon dies will look over game! Cheap sseuteol: vicious carnivorous plants sseuteol cheaper. Visible all over the body and is very ferocious and evil, and it is! Demon: Cute devil. Nasty temper! Roast letting angry. Yonggal Bring: Bring yonggal pig concubines. 10 years in Mt porn leads to Nirvana, but this is the end! Rabbit woman: woman cute bunny. Technology to light, but kwigi, shoe heel is taking a bloody technologies.

  • Type: Fighting
  • Language: Multilingual
  • Provides: Unknown
  • Tariff: Free
  • File size: 17.32 MB
  • Downloads: 2621
  • Updated: 2013-06-27 00:00:00

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