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  • Preview game Football Tactics Hex APK
  • Preview game Football Tactics Hex APK

Football Tactics Hex

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Games Description

Football Tactics is a original turn-based game played on a hex grid. Every team has six players and different characteristics: move, tackle, pass and kick. Overall, everythings pretty simple and easily understandable, youll be fully enjoying the game nearly since the very first turn. Graphics are funny icons. Nothing to write home about, but well designed in the end. There are some animations, but are quite poor, along with some UI flaws: when the turn is over you get a summary, but thats all. It would be appreciated a big "GOAL" or whatever, because when you score players return to their starting places as if everything has happened and this is rather disconcerting. As a side note, the only sounds you will hear are referees whistles. In the end, this games fun to be played. Its something like a very simplified version of BloodBowl adapted to soccer. And we have been told that there are a lot of updates to come: with a few fixes here and there this will be a great mix of sports, luck and strategy.

  • Type: Sports
  • Language: Multilingual
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  • Updated: 2013-03-07 00:00:00

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